Board of Directors

    José Luis Vallejo

    Chairman of the Board

    Alma Miller

    Inside Director

    Ignacio García

    Inside Director

    César Camargo

    Inside Director

    Elia Vallejo

    Inside Director

    Evaristo Nogales

    Inside Director

    Teresa Quirós

    Outside Director and Chair of the Board’s Audit Committee

    Ricardo Forcano

    Outside Director

    Sarah Harmon

    Outside Director

Corporate Governance



Information regarding Sngular’s listing on the BME Growth Exchange.

General Shareholder Meeting

1. Notice of General Shareholders' Meeting

2. Proposed resolutions of the General Shareholders' Meeting

3. Attendance card, proxy and remote voting

4. Individual Annual Financial Reports for fiscal year 2021

5. Audit Report Individual Annual Financial Statements for the year 2021

6. Consolidated Financial Statements and Statement of Non-Financial Information for the year 2021

7. Audit Report Consolidated Annual Financial Statements for the fiscal year 2021

8. Auditor's Verification Report

9. Justification report of the Board of Directors modification of articles 11 and 13 of the Articles of Association

10. Justifying report of the Board of Directors delegation of the Capital Increase

11. Bylaws of the Company

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