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About Sngular

Combining talent and technology to help businesses adapt to a fast-changing world.

Sngular is an ecosystem of talent and technology. We develop transformational solutions that allow companies and individuals to quickly and successfully adapt to the ever-changing business environment in which we live. 


With over 20 years of experience, Sngular has developed technology solutions for the world’s most innovative companies in industries as diverse as financial services, pharmaceutical, energy, healthcare , retail, manufacturing, telecommunications, and entertainment industries.  In addition, Sngular has teams dedicated to talent recruitment, development, and high-performance learning labs, thus ensuring Sngular’s continued prominence as a magnet for talent.


Currently, Sngular has more than 1200 talented professionals working in 18 offices across 8 countries (Spain, United States, Mexico, Singapore, Chile, UAE, Portugal, and Uruguay). Our biggest asset is our ability to quickly build teams distributed throughout the world to address our clients’ needs, regardless of where those needs arise.

Our purpose

To be the best ecosystem for good people to develop all their talent and make a positive impact on society through technology.

Our values

Nuestros Valores

People before short-term results

Nuestros Valores

Commitment and responsibility

Nuestros Valores

Open and transparent collaboration


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